Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Installation on Burglar Alarms

NeoRising Technologies is proud to offer FREE INSTALLATION on all of their burglar alarms systems. There is no excuse for you not to protect your family from break in, theft and moral damage as the after effect.

Our systems allow for 24/7 mobile access from your phone, computer and any other internet device. You will be able to see when your children come home from school, as well as check up on your pets. Also, know if a flood or fire has occurred in your house or apartment while you are away at work or on vacation. Protect your valuables such as flat screen TVs, music centers, appliances and also know if your gun cabinet or jewelry box has been accessed.

With competitive rates for Central Station monitoring we beat ADT and other security companies and save on average $150 a year. Not only you save on monitoring costs, you don't pay for installation that ADT charges for at least $99. This kind of savings is hard to ignore. Don't delay, call now and speak to one of our experienced technicians and sleep calmer tonight knowing that you, your family and everything you hold dear is protected.

Our number is 718-608-6402 or visit us at