Friday, November 4, 2011

Why get a CCTV (Video Surveillance) System...

Closed circuit television cameras are used in a variety of circumstances to provide video surveillance. School districts use CCTV to monitor the activity on school campuses. Businesses use CCTV cameras to monitor the behavior of employees. CCTV can also help retail establishments by providing protection against loss from theft. 

Crime Deterrent
When an owner of a facility decides to install a CCTV system in his/her workplace or residence, they are benefitting in two ways. The first and the most obvious benefit comes from the ability to always view your recordable video to investigate a crime or an incident that has already happened. The second and the less obvious benefit, is that if CCTV cameras constantly monitor a retail business, criminals will likely seek an easier target. If employees know that they are constantly being watched, they are less likely to steal from their employer or waste time on the job. School children who know that their every move is being recorded may be less likely to carry guns to school or engage in criminal activities on campus.

Protect Employees
Customer service employees are often required to handle angry or frustrated customers. Face-to-face interactions with an angry customer can put the employee in physical danger. CCTV cameras may save employees from harm by monitoring these volatile situations. They also serve as a deterrent from violent behavior by these customers.

Keeps a Record
If a crime occurs in an establishment that has installed CCTV surveillance, investigation will be aided by the video. If an argument occurs between two employees, the employer can consult the videotape to determine what actually occurred.

7 Reasons for getting a CCTV (Video Surveillance) System

  • Accessibility - Video surveillance can give you the ability to quickly and easily view access events in multiple areas of your facility.
  • Profitability - With video surveillance, you can have greater control over loss. It may also help lower liability and insurance costs.
  • Productivity - Video surveillance can discourage workplace violence, harassment and poor customer service.
  • Reliability - Digital video recorders and network video recorders (DVR/NVR) mean no more broken or worn-out tapes, and no more costly maintenance.
  • Improved picture quality - DVR/NVR deliver sharper images, with no loss of quality over time.
  • Enhanced capabilities - DVR/NVR allow you to store more information using less space. Plus, events captured with DVR/NVR can easily be downloaded, recorded to a CD-ROM or duplicated when an additional copy is required.
  • Remote access - Many DVR/NVR units can help you oversee your business from anywhere you have remote connectivity


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